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  "Standing on the high-heeled shoes, I can see cheap louboutin outlet the whole world." This is the "sex and the city" columnist Carrie classic in taiwan. Carrie tropic shoes such as life, forever can not resist the temptation of high-heeled shoes. "Sex and the city" in the movie version, when Mr.Big took a Manolo Blahnik produced blue satin shoes asked her to marry him, those high heels will instantly appear express volumes, because it not only represents the feeling of love, is the choice of.
  "Love will be gone, but shoes are always cheap louboutin heels in." In the emotional upset, Carrie has said so lonely. Height 5 feet 10 inches Niicole Kidman and Tom formally after the divorce, she bitterly said to face the media: "now I finally can wear high-heeled shoes." And Monroe walked Ferragamo stiletto heels said: "although I don't know who first invented it, but all women should be grateful for it." The movie "steal wear high-heeled shoes", when the lawyer's sister life serious conservative, but at home to hide a cabinet fashion high-heeled shoes......
  The heels of the Italian Stiletto, which is a very narrow dagger blade, is a perfect weapon. "". With a history of four hundred years, high-heeled shoes, in the long evolution of infinite close to perfect. The relationship between the high-heeled shoes and woman has intensified. However, from the man who was born of high-heeled shoes. Perhaps because cheap louboutin shoes online of this, high-heeled shoes and men, men and women, beginning with unclear relationship.
  In sixteenth Century, the European noble men began to wear high heels, as is in when riding the heel on the stirrup. It is "satisfactory heel" appeared, it is a symbol of wealth status or expensive shoes. The diminutive of Louis Xiv in order to make themselves look mighty tall, let the shoemaker for his shoes with 4 inch high heels, and the heel was painted red to show their noble status. Only men have the right to wear high-heeled shoes, women are forbidden.
  In 1680, the nature of the beauty of women began to try to wrest from the men wear high-heeled shoes right. In eighteenth Century the high-heeled shoes began to rage. The high-heeled shoes woman decreases, stride leg straight, and make the buttocks contraction, before a chest, slender and graceful charm attendant. Standing on high heels on, women began a full of replica christian louboutin boots discovery and poetic journey.
  A wise woman, know how to use a mysterious sixth sense Killing with Kindness, with high heels to their charm of luxury, let a man obsessed.
  High heels make women suffering from fetish.
  High heels to men, perhaps it is just a pair of shoes; and for the woman, is not only a pair of shoes is so simple, the most important thing in life is to pick a good pair of shoes. High heels in a woman is a kind of "Talent Women's rights", is the art of walking.
  Each girl had a child wearing stolen mother high-heeled replica christian louboutin heels shoes experience. Little feet, into the big shoes, back and forth, patter...... Fascinated by the heels beating the floor sound, then look forward to grow up quickly, looking forward to have their own dreams of high-heeled shoes.
  Now, finally grew up, finally have the first pair of high heels, then second, third double double...... Until you have a closet full of. The narrow and small shoes, perfect curve and luster, a see let people Beckoning, although sometimes they are not comfortable, but have them, it is a kind of satisfaction.
  The scientist, writer Deroya said, things will go out to sea, will go to school, come home, will move back, will come to you in place and not in. We always thought that man is the measure of all things, in fact, the measure of things is the crowd. Each object has a unique soul.
  "And you look around. Life is not only a human! As a philosophy of daily physical experiment class, you will find, they are both our dismay, crazy, also can let us return to calm."
  High heeled shoes is so.
  Why women love high heels? Why is infatuated with the high heels on the world?
  Perhaps it is because of the high-heeled shoes christian louboutin red bottoms replica shaping the gesture of a woman, perhaps because of high heels make women the rebirth of the magic moment. As the film "shoe" the heroine in it, a pair of magical high-heeled shoes, changed her world, let her from unknown to the public of the shoe designer into a glamorous "Mousika goddess", also let her become mediocre designers (actor) assistant. However, she also contradictions, because she knew that no demon shoe, she had everything. So, she was frustrated to leave. But at that time, the actor finally found his "Mousika" and not the beauty of her, but in reality the real her. At the end of the movie, two people in the riverside hug, actress put a pair of beautiful shoes sank into the river.
  In fact, this time is the real magic show time shoes.