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Upon landing in Arizona for Super Bowl XLIX, the Seattle Seahawks immediately attempted to diffuse the New England Patriots' deflated football nfl jerseys supply scandal that tied the national media in knots last week.

Coach Pete Carroll said he "empathizes" with Bill Belichick, who has distanced himself from the entire process of preparing wholesale nfl jerseys supply footballs for game action.

Carroll is much better versed on air pressure and ball handling now than he was a week ago. Until then, Carroll added, he had never checked on the pre-game process cheap jerseys supply involving the equipment staff and the quarterback.

"Awareness is up," Carroll acknowledged.

Although there is natural wholesale jerseys supply speculation that Belichick's team will be distracted all week, Carroll expects the Patriots to "rally" around the issue.

Here's what else we learned from the Seahawks' media availability on Sunday:

Defensive end Michael Bennett went a step further in downplaying the controversy, chalking it up to "propaganda" designed to keep as many eyes cheap nfl jerseys supply and ears as possible on football in the lead-up to the Super Bowl.

Carroll waxed philosophical on taciturn running back Marshawn Lynch when asked if the two had a talk about dealing with the media this week.